Know what's going on and keep your remote or in-house team in sync.

Free time tracking and status reporting tool that makes your team better.

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Everything you need to build up forward momentum.

Track time

Track time spent on important tasks and projects, leverage the workload of team members and coordinate prudently.

Remove obstacles

Get problems out in the open.Then fix them.

Celebrate wins

Recognize contribution and potentials, celebrate wins and collect lessons learned.

Listen and act

Listen to team members actively, monitor the team’s pulse, act timely and develop team strategically.

Be in the loop

It's easy to take actions when you see what's happening in time.

how it works

Be in the loop on how your people feel. See what they’re working on, what they’ve achieved, and what's slowing them down.


Time tracking

Keep a track of everybody’s efficiency — every single day.


Track what's happening

Everyone shares their progress, challenges, and achievements throughout the week.


Reflect on what happened

On Friday each team member rates their week and answers a few simple questions.


Give feedback

Managers review weekly updates to provide feedback and coaching.



Have everything that actually matters in one place. Know what's happening throughout the week without having to ask.


Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

ReportNest is different. What was a blast for me is the simplicity of it. Anytime, anywhere I can see and know what our team is doing and, most importantly, how they feel about work. Yes, we do care how they feel. Engaged teams are happier and highly motivated.

Before ReportNest, Case3D was using different time tracking and reporting solutions, but we fell in love with how intuitive ReportNest design is. Logging time is effortless, and we got used to it so fast, which is crucial for the company of 50+ people. Our reporting procedures are much more comfortable now, and internal feedback is outstanding.

We become more proactive as a team. Everyone has a clear picture of how projects are progressing, and Case3D become more profitable without sacrificing creativity.

Danilo Micić, CEO at Case3D

Here in the Great Agency, we strive to work with the best possible people all around the world, wherein in most cases, they are not in the same offices, and it’s tough to understand each person feeling and needs.

That’s why we started using the ReportNest as a tool that allows us at the beginning to get feedback and be on the point with our employees through the working week. Later we started using the feature, which enables us to appreciate and award everyone who works on the topic or task out of he/her scope. Easy to use, very intuitive from a UI standpoint of view. We would recommend to everyone to try it, and bring agency culture to the next level.

Maja Skropeta, Founder, Managing Director

We were impressed once we saw ReportNest time tracking in action. It is super-easy to use and yet entirely free! We switched to it from Harvest because ReportNest shifts our attention from annoying time tracking to global team impact while providing a sense of community. We can't wait for the Mac widget. 😂

Stefan Tošić, CEO and Lead Product Designer

Make your team more engaged and your life a breeze.

Free time tracking and status reporting tool that makes your team better.

Sign Up — It’s Free!
No hidden costs. No credit card required.
what to expect

Unlock the potential of your entire team.

Increased productivity

Clearly defined goals help everyone stay focused on what needs to be done to move things forward.

Engaged team

Sharing progress, challenges, and wins transparently leads to an improved sense of togetherness.

Regular communication

Open 1-on-1 communication builds trust, which improves happiness, motivation, and employee's morale.

The possibility of efficient risk control

Track time spent on important tasks and projects, leverage the workload of team members and coordinate prudently.

Efficient risk control

Early problem recognition enables timely and moderate reactions through constructive collaboration among the team members. Challenging situations are resolved before they become serious, which relieves stress and enhances the prospects of completing the project successfully on time.

A permanent improvement in working conditions

Thanks to a simple and systematically supported way of putting forward suggestions for improvement, it’s possible to boost the working environment so that it stays stimulative, inspiring and engaging all the time.

Focus on mastering organization

In addition to having team members develop through a retrospective of working on a project, the app enables them to make suggestions on training and use of new services as well as reporting on their progress to the team.

Constant evaluation of collaboration

Methodically measuring how satisfied people are with the collaboration within a team, with other parts of an organization and with clients, enables a continual growth in the quality of the relation among company’s ecosystems and protection from the detrimental influence of toxic people.

Removing distractions

Being able to easily indicate what blocks or hampers the achievement of results, as well as what promotes and bolsters it, adds to a boost in work efficiency and creating a sense of togetherness.

Procedures development

Based on the records of questions and the unknowns that have come up during a project, the procedures can be created anew or updated and thus advance the best methods of the team and the company.

HR and Management support

An archive of weekly answers to questions, pointing out obstacles and attitudes in overcoming issues, gives an extraordinary basis for periodic conversations (appraisal). This way, a conversation is made based on facts rather than interpretations or emotions.

Time tracking and status reporting that make your team better.


Everything you need to know so you can use Reportnest like a pro.

Why is ReportNest free?

We’ve developed the application for our own business needs, and when it turned out that a set of simple functionalities can significantly improve the quality of team management, we’ve decided to share it with others.

We believe that work should be a pleasure, and ReportNest is our small contribution to have teams functioning better worldwide. Wanting to have more companies enjoying the benefits this simple and powerful concept provides, we’ve made a decision to keep its basic functionalities always free.

Why is ReportNest a useful tool for team members?

ReportNest allows members of a team to always be able to point out possible obstacles in objectives achievement and get support, to come out with ideas for improvement, as well as express their current satisfaction when it comes to their work and cooperation with clients and colleagues.

Furthermore, ReportNest enables the development of each member to adapt to the needs of the team, the company and that person alone.

Where does ReportNest store and send my data?

Our goal is to provide our customers with secure, fast, and reliable services. As a provider of global services, we run our services with common operational practices and features across multiple jurisdictions.

Today, we store data in data centers located in the US, Germany, Ireland, Singapore, and Australia. Data is stored in the data center closest to the location of the majority of users accessing an instance. We may also allow employees and contractors located around the world to access certain data for product promotion and development, and customer and technical support purposes. For more information, see our Cloud Hosting Infrastructure page.

Does ReportNest process personal data?

Yes. We process personal data to provide our product and services, and for other purposes as outlined in the applicable Privacy Policy.

Who is ReportNest intended for?

Although developed in an aim to raise the quality of work in creative agencies and software development companies, the use of ReportNest brings benefits to practically all the teams with members working on computers. The application is particularly useful among teams working remotely, so nowadays ReportNest significantly facilitates work of freelancer groups which cooperate on a diversity of projects.

Why is ReportNest a useful tool for team leaders?

ReportNest puts the team leaders in a position where they are able to communicate with individual team members as well as the team as a whole. By skillfully utilizing the application, business objectives are sure to be achieved through instant identification of the obstacles and their team removal, but also through identification and opportunity taking.

By using ReportNest, with a minimum time spent on meetings, team leaders are able to be up-to-date with all the important developments within a team, to recognize the know-how and skill levels of team members, as well as get a much thorough insight into their individual work.

How to make maximum use of the potentials ReportNest offers?

When integrated into the system of company management, ReportNest becomes a platform for achieving high results, whether they’re related to business achievements, competencies development of team members or satisfaction with team cooperation.

To make this possible, you can follow basic directions provided on the link, or hire professional consultants who will help you come up with the best solution for your company and its current stage of development.